John F Hunt Power invest £10m in Stage V Generators

Mar 11, 2022

In probably the largest single purchase of Stage V sets dedicated to the UK Market, John F Hunt have ordered 180 new units ranging from 20 to 500kVA from Bruno Generator Group.

The Italian manufactured sets have integrated telemetry, automatic regeneration without loss of power, and have been designed to Hunt’s specification, safeguarding them from site related refuelling problems.

Stage V generators, rely upon the introduction of AdBlue into the fuel system.  They create one twentieth of the pollution compared to the old Stage 3A sets and represent a significant and positive step towards the construction industry ‘cleaning up its act’.

With the increasing demand for site power either for charging cars or hybrid excavators, if no mains supply is accessible, portable generators are the only viable option and as more of the UK’s major cities follow London’s approach, in introducing low-emission zones, these sets enable full compliance with the emissions standards stipulated by NRMM regulations.

David Hunt, Managing Director of John F Hunt Power said “This major investment of over £10m sees 180 new generators added to our fleet as from Spring 2022 and paves the way for future-proofing our business for our clients and employees. But most of all it enables us to offer the cleanest sustainable power going forward. It’s a real game changer”

He went on to say “However it comes at a cost, as the new sets are incredibly expensive, and you don’t get much for you £10 million these days! Nevertheless, it’s something we must all accept on our collective journey to net carbon zero.”

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