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What is GreenD+ HVO?

        GreenD+ HVO is an enhancement of HVO, achieved by inclusion of an additive system which
        chemically reduces NOx (to N2) in the exhaust gases, whilst oxidizing incomplete combustion
        products (HC, PM and CO).

        John F Hunt Power’s fuel is formulated as GreenD+ and then further enhanced with an additive
        package to produce GreenD+ HVO.

        The base HVO is sourced from two European companies including the world’s leading supplier of
        renewable diesel.

        GreenD+ HVO is utilised in the off-road and mobile plant industries. It has been widely adopted
        in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by centrally fueled on-road and off-road fleets, marine
        and in back-up power applications where it helps to meet the new MCPD requirements.

        GreenD+ HVO has been adopted as our solution to meet clients environmental obligations.


        •  Animal fat from food industry waste
        •  Fish fat from fish processing waste
        •  Residues from vegetable oil processing UCO - Used Cooking Oil
        •  Technical Corn Oil

        •  Tall Oil Pitch
        •  Palm Oil# (in regulation to the ICSS*)
        •  Tallow - rendered form of beef or mutton fat
        •  Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

        #   Our GreenD+ HVO does not contain or have any traces of Virgin Palm Oil.

        *    ICSS is a sustainability certification system covering the entire supply chain and all kinds of biobased
             feedstocks and renewables.
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