These powerful portable generators are suitable for industrial projects such as construction sites. You get the mobile generator and all the distribution and cabling along with the fuel tanks.


Our range of silent generators have been built to a very high specification making them suitable for remote film productions or outdoor broadcasts.


The modern, eco-friendly LED Lighting Towers are ideal for events, construction sites and industry projects. These lights are designed to offer great visibility from a portable unit.

How We Can Help You…

By providing you with a complete package when hiring generators for long term or emergency power generation, we supply all ancillary equipment including fuel tanks, cables, ramps, lighting & secure units.


We offer a reliable & cost effective service, supported by a planned maintenance programme operated in accordance with our ISO 9001 procedures. Our 24 hour emergency cover is provided by a team of highly qualified & experienced engineers.

Silent Generator Hire

Silenced Generators


Ultra Quiet Fusteq Generators Hire

Ultra Quiet Fusteq Generators


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Ultra Quiet Denyo Generators


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