Flybrid Generator

With rising fuel costs and increased focus on all industries to reduce their carbon footprint, we’ve recently introduced FLYBRID units to our fleet of temporary power equipment.


This latest offering will allow our clients to simultaneously reduce their fuel usage, whilst lowering the environmental impact of their power supply.

By using our Flybrid 200 units in conjunction with our diesel generators, we’re able to offer a new solution which allows for considerable generator downsizing in many applications.

Historically, generators have been sized to suit the peak, start-up load demand when used in applications such as Tower Cranes, Hoists and Pumps.

With loads of this nature, which have a considerable demand for power on start-up, generators are often left to run at low load factors, for long periods of time, resulting in poor fuel economy and engine performance.

Now, by using our Flybrid units, generators can be downsized to provide more economical running after start up, reduced fuel usage and much improved carbon credentials.

Evolution in Power Supply

How does it work?

Flybrid units, contain cutting edge, flywheel energy storage technology and deliver an ultra-fast power injection for smooth and controlled generator loading.

Responding to load demand in less than 0.03 seconds, our units are able to provide an 85kW load for 5 seconds, working in conjunction with the our generators to provide the continuous load requirement.

Once the demand drops off, the generator runs as a standalone unit and the Flybrid regenerates in preparation for the next peak requirement.

Technical Specification


Dimensions (mm)

Length                                                           1600

Width                                                             1200

Height                                                            1508

Weight (kg)                                        1170 – 1240


Sound Levels (dBA)

Acoustic pressure level @1m                    68

Acoustive pressure level @ 7m                 58


Electrical Connections & Technical Info

1 x 125A 415v IEC form plug c/w MCB protection.

Voltage                                            400/480

Three Pole Circuit Breaker


Other Features

Forklift Pockets & Central Lifting Point

Zinc Steel Canopy

Remote fleet monitoring technology