FUEL Saving and Carbon Reduction

By using synchronising technology & the latest generators, we can design & install a system with the emphasis on fuel & carbon footprint reduction.

Fuel Containers


We are passionate about what we do & constantly search for ways to save our customers’ money. We assist them in achieving their carbon reduction goals, even working towards the CEMARS standard. From simple things such as site visits to ensure the generator is the right one for the job, to the usage of fuel saving techniques, we are striving all the time to find the best way of using it for our customers.

John F Hunt Power has been able to save fuel by using a set of generators, for example:

A customer required a 500 kVA generator for a construction site running 24 hours. The power needed was high during the peak time, but reduced at night such that we were able to use a smaller generator set. The two units working together, allowed the larger set to shut down whilst a smaller 100 kVA generator covered the lower load need. This reduced the noise pollution, energy & carbon output.

We further enhanced the efficiency of this site by introducing hybrid technology generators.

An Easy and Natural Way to Reduce your Carbon Footprint…  

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