Generators Specs

Our modern generators with an output of 20, 40, 60, 100, 160, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1250 kVA, feed constant power. They are compliant with the latest noise & emissions standards, fuel efficient, and silent, with ultra-low dBA noise output levels. New hi tech in the form of “hybrid” generators adds even more value to our range of power units.

Ancillary equipment is supplied to suit your needs & our secure containers take care of your unit whilst on site or left unattended. Our cost effective, worry free Fuel Management Service also offers a remote monitoring option, to assure fuel efficiency & constant power at all times.

John F Hunt Power highly trained engineers & support staff provide a nationwide 24 hour assistance service, 365 days a year. Help will be on the way when you need it. We have an wide range of generators ready for hire and sale, including: Silent, Ultra Silent, Canopied and Hybrid units.

Generators for hire 1

  • Load tested, Super silenced, fuel efficient, diesel generators from 20 kVA to 1250 kVA
  • Construction, Events, Industrial, Manufacturing, Utilities, Petro-chemicals…
  • Generators from 100 kVA and above are available to Synchronize & Load share
  • Ultra-quiet generators designed for the Event Industry
  • Road towable generators up to 100 kVA
  • Remote monitoring and GPS tracking available on request
  • Secure containers with fully bunded 1800 litre fuel tank
  • Static installations
  • 24/7 Emergency call out and breakdown cover by fully trained engineers
  • Modern Fleet – exchanged on 3 year programme
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Sale of New and Ex-Hire fleet generators

Generators for hire 1

HazSpec 500 kVA55050002100240010400

Generator Specification Chart
kVA, Dimensions and Weight
Prime PowerStandby(mm)(mm)(mm)Weight (kg)
Silenced 20 kVA2215008001250700
Silenced 40 kVA452300113015801285
Silenced 60 kVA662300113017001385
Silenced 100 kVA1102580113016401835
Silenced 160 kVA1653380113018502630
Silenced 200 kVA2203380113018502690
Silenced 300 kVA3303900120022304180
Silenced 500 kVA5504850200023006792
Silenced 800 kVA88055502200230010482
Silenced 1260 kVA137520 FT CONTAINER19500
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 40 kVA552600113018002750
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 60 kVA662600113018002750
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 100 kVA1102600113018003200
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 160 kVA1653450111021803582
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 200 kVA2203450110021803982
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 300 kVA3303950113022605170
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 500 kVA55050002100240010400
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 800 kVA88058502280240013400
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 1260 kVA137520 FT CONTAINER19500
Ultra Quiet Denyo 20 kVA2217707901170885
Ultra Quiet Denyo 40 kVA40.7209095014701380
Ultra Quiet Denyo 60 kVA662500100016051850
Ultra Quiet Denyo 100 kVA1103050124018002720
HazSpec 800 kVA88058502280240013400
HazSpec 1260 kVA137520 FT CONTAINER19500

Ultra Quiet Fusteq 160 kVA2217.122.855Ultra Quiet Fusteq 200 kVA11.417.122.855Ultra Quiet Fusteq 300 kVA11.417.122.855

Generator Specification Chart
Fuel Consumption and Noise Level


Average Fuel

Consumption in Litres Per Hour

Noise Level

dB(A) @ 7 Mtrs

Silenced 20 kVA2.74.055.4065
Silenced 40 kVA5.958.9311.9067
Silenced 60 kVA7.2810.9214.5667
Silenced 100 kVA11.4017.1022.8066
Silenced 160 kVA19.7526.0739.5068
Silenced 200 kVA21.5532.3343.1068
Silenced 300 kVA31.9547.9363.9068
Silenced 500 kVA53.0570.03106.6069
Silenced 800 kVA8512116175
Silenced 1000 kVA10215120270
Silenced 1260 kVA11217223462
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 40 kVA7.310.914.555
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 60 kVA7.310.9014.5055
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 100 kVA11.417.122.855
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 160 kVA2226.54057
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 200 kVA2232.543.556
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 300 kVA32486458
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 500 kVA45729662
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 800 kVA8612216261
Ultra Quiet Fusteq 1260 kVA11217223462
Ultra Quiet Denyo 20 kVA2.63.54.855
Ultra Quiet Denyo 40 kVA4.76.78.956
Ultra Quiet Denyo 60 kVA5.88.611.158
Ultra Quiet Denyo 100 kVA11.616.722.258
HazSpec 500 kVA45729662
HazSpec 800 kVA8612216261
HazSpec 1260 kVA11217223462