Fully Managed Services

Our Approach

We are committed to providing you with the most efficient solutions to your temporary power requirements and with continued investment in equipment and infrastructure, we ensure we offer the most innovative and up to date fleet on the market. 

From initial enquiry, through to ongoing project management, our holistic approach helps you achieve optimum performance at all times.

Through our Managed Services, we tailor packages to suit your exact needs, ensuring your project experiences the most reliable and efficient power supply from our high specification, contemporary fleet.

The Optimal Solutions

With our team of experienced Sales Managers based all over the UK, we’re able to offer complimentary site surveys for all new enquiries.

Our team will meet with site staff, discuss the application in detail, and determine the best solution to meet their exact requirement.

For some sites, a single generator package may be the best solution, but with our varied fleet of equipment, there are numerous solutions to suit the varying nature of the modern-day site.

Have a site with varying loads?

Our SYNCHRONISED generators, set up in load share, will work in tandem to provide optimum performance.

Working in a low-emission zone?

Our STAGE V sets will ensure compliance with the latest NRMM regulations.

Powering a larger compound in the day but just a drying room overnight?

A HYBRID battery pack can provide emission free power during periods of low demand.

Subject to noise restrictions due to nearby residents?

We have two ranges of Ultra Quiet Generators, reducing noise levels by up to 10 dBA.

Concerned about site staff monitoring fuel levels?

Our telemetry allows us to monitor fuel levels remotely and arrange fuel deliveries as and when required.

Remote Fleet Monitoring

If you are concerned about site staff monitoring fuel levels, our telemetry allows us to monitor these for you remotely, so we can arrange for fuel deliveries when required. Through Deep-Sea Electronic technology, we access real time data on fuel consumption, load information and also enhance your power supply when needed, ensuring optimum performance at all times. Reports are generated, so analysis of site requirements and performance is at your fingertips.


Our cost-effective, worry-free fuel management service, provides an uninterrupted supply, avoiding fuel related breakdowns and power outages.  Assisted by our Remote Fleet Monitoring system, we check the usage on your site and liaise with your staff to deliver at convenient times. With our fleet of fuel tankers operating nationwide, we can guarantee you won’t run out!