Enerpack Battery Unit

Product Details

Our Enerpack battery units are the perfect hire solution for the modern-day site. With 72 kilowatt hours of stored energy, these units feature the latest technology and have been built to the highest standard.

When working in conjunction with one of our diesel generators, these compact units provide periods of fuel free, noise free power. Whether you’re looking to power site cabins, tower crane aviation lights or security systems, we can provide a ‘hybrid’ temporary power hire package to suit.

Looking to enhance the carbon credentials of your project further?
Pair one of our battery units with one of our Stage V generators or use our GreenD+ HVO fuel and reduce your environmental impact even more.

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Product Description

Reduce your environmental impact, and improve the fuel efficiency of your next project, with the latest in smart energy storage.

  • 72 kWh Capacity
  • Lithium battery & integrated inverter
  • Complete with Remote Fleet Monitoring
  • Digital control panel
  • Distribution Panel c/w socket outlets
  • Plug and Play connections
  • Canopy made of galvanized steel
  • Lifting eyes
  • Forklift pockets

Zero noise and emissions

Reduce fuel consumption

Remote fleet monitoring

Battery Storage(kWh) Depth of
Rated Voltage Recharge Time @ 80% DOD dBA @ 1m Size(mm) WT. (kg) Peak Power 1 Min Socket Kit
72 80% 400 4 Hours 0 L:2294
2000 36 kVA 1 x 125A 415V
1 x 32A 415V
3 x 32A 240V

Not sure which of our battery units is best suited for your job?
Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your application in more detail.